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machine embroidery

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Sewing Snowmen and snowflakes


Sewing Snowmen and snowflakes has been an all day project which obviously isn’t finished yet.  The digitizing isn’t perfect .  It’s a learning process.   Even so, it is so very much better than if I had just done a machine zigzag around each of these pieces.  It took a lot of time to cut around the fabrics before I could continue to sew.    I need to get my Scan n Cut learned to make this faster.   Now that I’ve taken a photo of this with the sashing, I think I may have to change that.   It has the same aqua/turquoise, but just doesn’t seem right.   I will decide later.

It will not get finished as I have other embroidery that must be done tomorrow.   A neighbor is turning 90 in April and needs a lap quilt for in her wheel chair.   So that is a priority tomorrow.