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Several starts-no finishes

The potatoes are not waiting until the freeze is over.   They want to be planted NOW.

Instead looked at this pile of “who knows what” and found a bill that should be paid next week.  S0 that was timely.   I also filed several papers, put all the garden magazines together and found homes for several of the other items.

N0t totally finished, but organized.   Some of the items need action before putting away.

I started this quilt and cut all the straight pieces, then decided to work smart instead of so hard, so Mary is coming over Sunday to teach me to digitize these pieces so I can do them on the embroidery machine, which is both neater and faster.  Another project delayed.

Next I pulled out the owls and flowers quilt that was cut out, made sense of it and have some owls ready for eyes (which again will wait until I learn what Mary is going to teach me on Sunday).      So today, was grocery shopping. Post office, and several starts but no finishes.