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Pushing hard

No photos today.  We had to go out this morning and take the tax information to our tax accountant, then other mini shopping stops.   We did get home in time for lunch and then crashed.  I think I’ve been pushing myself a bit too hard.

After the nap, I cleared the cutting table, took out the next pattern I plan to work and decided I don’t have enough energy to choose fabrics today – so it will wait until tomorrow.   (I did choose some and they are in the dryer now).   I cleared off a book shelf and now need to decide which books to give to which people or places.

The animals are fed.   It’s cold out there!  It is still pouring rain and my phone weather app promises the same for the next 10 days.  So I’ll make supper and knit on my socks that didn’t get completed in January, which sounds like a nice way to spend an evening.