Rose flimsy and runner ducks

The rose flimsy is now in one piece, except for the borders.   My ironing board is full of pieces and my cutting table is also full of pieces of another quilt, so this will have to wait for the borders and trimming until those pieces are together.  Interestingly, the vote for which way they should go together was a tie.  I asked DH, as a tie breaker, which way they should go and he wanted them standing up straight.

These 4 runner ducks came to live with us today.   The colors are called buff and blue.   They are absolutely beautiful and I love the way they run with their necks held high.  They are still a bit scared and I forgot to take the camera at feeding time tonight.

4 Responses

  1. Dar in MO says:

    I like the rose flimsy and the onpoint setting. Do you have other ducks that these new guys are coming to live with? Do you collect their eggs for cooking? THey sure are pretty.

  2. LOVE the rose flimsy! (I think your husband made the right choice!)
    We had Indian Runners one year too – they’re great for keeping the fly population in check, but they didn’t work out so well for Christmas dinner…!

  3. Sally Walter says:

    The upright placing of the blocks is very attractive. They remind me of crocuses popping up their vibrant heads of color in patches of snow.

  4. jatshaw says:

    Love it! You’ve been very productive while we were gone.