More Roses

12 More roses are now up on the board.   I think I may be half done.  I need to dive into my scraps and even whole pieces for more colors.   But it is looking so much better.

I also had to get the emission checked to license my car.   They told me it is old enough now that I don’t have to get another on this car which is nice.   Now I just have to keep it running.

Then off to get a new battery for my watch which stopped.   These kind of trips just seem like a waste of time, but necessary.   Oh, yes, and then the grocery shopping.  Please tell me why we women can get all this done inside a couple of hours and our DH think we have just scheduled an entire day.

It is still raining, and we are threatened with snow on Monday, but there is a bright light ahead.   A week from Sunday, the sun is scheduled to shine.

And I did get a bit of knitting done.   This particular stitch is a bit challenging, but I will press on.  Who knows I may learn to get faster.

Have a Happy Sabbath and a great weekend

PS   For readers who knew her, Alice Kirkman passed away this week.

3 Responses

  1. Your blocks are looking wonderful! Who needs sun when you have this wall of flowers to look at? But, the sun is necessary too! We actually had some yesterday – with bone-chilling temperatures… Our forecast is like a roller-coaster for the next week – cold, warm, sunny, rainy, snowy, snow with sun, snow and rain mixed… I’m never sure what to wear when I go out!
    Hoping you both have a quiet, restful Sabbath!

  2. Very nice rose quilt. Where did you find the pattern?

    • sharon says:

      I don’t know where the pattern is, but if you email lizquilt@gmail.com and ask her where she got the pattern for “Roses for Carolyn”, she can either tell you it is her design or where she found it.