Learning new skill is difficult

Once again, I am reminded of how frustrating and difficult learning a new skill is.   I don’t wonder why children get tired and balk .   I’m ready to throw up my hands and scream.  Their whole early life seems to be learning new skills.   I think I understand and have the concept learned, and then, I mess up.   It is very frustrating and exhausting.   And if I keep at it without taking a break, I start making all types of stupid mistakes.  So tonight I have only my first attempts at digitizing applique to show you.   I was going to do the owl quilt in the conventional way and got “smart” and decided it would look nicer if the applique was embroidered on.   Yes, it does look much nicer, but the learning will make the quilt take me longer.

So tomorrow, I will try to get a quilt on the quilting machine for a change of pace.   Then I will go back to work on the digitizing.   If I intersperse it with other work and keep practicing, I’ll learn.   Never too old, right?

3 Responses

  1. Dar in MO says:

    I think what you’ve done with those flowers looks real good. I don’t see anything wrong with those 4 blocks. What kind of embroidery machine do you use?

  2. Sally Walter says:

    Just wondering what program you are using to digitize the appliques? I once learned to use the program that came with my Janome 10K but that was 17 years ago and when the new program was introduced, the company stopped supporting D10K. I bought EQ Stitch but I need to sit down and work through the lessons. Your progress is inspiring me. Keep us posted!

  3. Franna Pitt says:

    Hi Sharon,
    They’ve done research with young puppies showing that they learn faster if they have breaks between short training sessions. “Breaks” typically involve naps, but also can be something like a walk. I’ll bet the same principles work for people, too, no matter the age. :-)