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Humming birds

    These humming birds are for the neighbor’s  90th birthday next month.   They are humming birds digitized by Hatch in Africa.   (I’m sorry, the link above is not working, but you can google is as they have many beautiful designs.)    I was told a party was being planned, and since she is sometimes in a wheel chair, I think this lap quilt will be a good size for her.   The next time I have, it will go on the quilting machine.

I finished quilting this piece today as well.   It still needs to be trimmed and bound.   Here is an up close of the quilting.

I neglected my walk today and spent another entire day in the studio getting these 2 quilt to this point.  Tonight will be an earlier to bed night.   Tomorrow I’ll have to be out and about food shopping etc.   Perhaps this weekend I can catch up on the walking again.

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  1. The hummingbirds are beautiful! They were my mom’s favourite….
    The other quilt is great too – especially the quilting. I love swirly designs when the quilt itself has lots of straight lines. Will that be going to someone special?
    I’m looking forward to getting some walking in soon – the weather is finally getting warmer, so I won’t have any excuses for not getting out (apart from being too busy knitting / quilting).
    P.S. I think our lamb count is up to 8 – and we finally have a black lamb!