Another 14 roses












I I added another 14 roses to the board today.   And now the decision which layout I like better.     Do you have a favorite?

I took this photo for the beginners in this group.   If you have a place where directions call for you to sew across the diagonal, then trim.   I like to sew a second line a machine foot away into the discard area.   Then I have many little squares to trim which I can make into something else (very small)   The white squares here were 2″ and the discard triangle netted 1 3/8″ squares.   I wouldn’t want to sew those little squares, but this way they are easy and after several quilts, I have a good number of them.  Yes, I suppose all in different places, but maybe I could find them and put them in one place and do something with them

I also interviewed a prospective farm helper, but that may not happen.   It’s hard to find someone who wants to do physical labor  – especially gardening and a bit of sheep work.

5 Responses

  1. Ewalda says:

    I like the angled one.

  2. Franna Pitt says:

    I like the right hand one. They remind me of shooting stars, in wild colors. :-)

  3. Donna says:

    I like them both; but, think I prefer the top one. Maybe try zig zagging the roses so that the angles are alternating?

  4. I love the movement that the on-point setting gives. I usually save my “bonus” triangle too – someday there will be a HST quilt!
    I hear you about farm labourers – around here, most folks don’t want to do manual labour – so farmers have to bring in off-shore help – and then folks complain that there are so many Mexicans / Dominicans, etc. in town! When did manual labour get to be a bad thing?

  5. Dar in MO says:

    I like the first one shown, but do like the idea about angling the flowers in different directions too. Anyway you do it will be pretty.