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A whirlwind day with house and sheep


What a whirlwind day this has been.   This house has to be painted, carpeted, some flooring, new toilets, new baseboard heaters, one shower, and a stove put in.  The decks have to be redone as well.   It has been rented as of November 1st, so we don’t have much time to get it all done.  We lost two weeks with one contractor and now are hiring subs ourselves.  Oh, yes, and the former people left lots of clean up  – furniture and garbage to dispose of.   Today was a great day, all the painting prep has been done on the inside img_5522aand this 8 x 8 deck is nearly done.   Just half of a board on the right and the steps put back in place.  Then it can be stained.   Tomorrow, I go shopping for the other items we need.   But wait!  That’s not enough excitement for one day.


img_5520aThis is our new little ram who now has 2 girl friends

img_5521aAnd these two girls are in with a previously purchased ram.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Tomorrow, I will show you the 3 ewe lambs that also came, as I didn’t get a photo before sundown.  Nor did I take a photo of a truck some one graciously left here for a week, so we can dispose of what isn’t needed.


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  1. jatshaw says:

    Days like that fly by, don’t they? Hope you accomplished all you set out to.