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Machines are not inanimate!

img_5391aIf machines were inanimate, then they would do what they are programmed to do.   Both my embroidery machine and my quilting machine know – they absolutely know –  the second I walk away from them.  And just like toddlers or pets, that is the moment they choose to act up.

  The pattern doesn’t show well here, but it is crocodiles.   It is rather stitch intensive and the machine does not want me to walk away for even a few seconds.   Therefore the quilting is not finished.   Hopefully tomorrow.

Today was full of phone calls and an appointments.   The locksmith has been out and the locks are all re-keyed.   I have been to the gym.  The power and the sewer have been transferred to our name.   The checking account has been set up and there will be checks coming.   It’s nice when tax deductible and income are all separate.

An appointment is set for tomorrow to get the moss pressure washed off the roof and the exterior of the house and decks will be washed as well.   Then we can stain decks and have the exterior painted.

This weekend, I worked some on my October schedule.   Yesterday and today, I followed it (except the quilt isn’t finished) and it still amazes me how much more I can finish when I schedule.   I realize that without the schedule, I spend too much time on the computer.   Oh, the things one learns and is tempted to make or buy!  But at this point, definitely not another machine that must be tended.