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Lambs, lambs, and more lambs


Three new ewe lambs are having trouble posing for a photo.   They are not yet tame enough to let me get close to them without a fence between us and even then, they weren’t sure.


8 Ewe lambs 2016, photographed together, so you can see a color difference.   Next year there should be some browns added.


Two months ago, this little ram lamb, Zillow, would not let me get near him.   Now, he follows me around hoping for an animal cracker.  I keep an eye on where he is at all times, though, because soon he will discover his true calling.   Then he could be dangerous.


I love walking down this side of the pasture toward the barn.   It is especially pretty with the fallen leaves.  But then again, it is pretty in every season.   I am so happy to have it back.


Today, it was still chilly at noon,  it was great to have turnips, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and Swiss chard from the garden.   Combined, they made a great soup.   I think we will be having soup frequently this winter.


The day finally warmed up and was dry enough that we were able to finish the garlic planting in the upper right corner of this photo.  We pulled weeds and laid straw for the winter.   I still need to finish this bed and take care of the other beds the same way.   We found big, fat juicy worms when pulling weeds, which indicates the soil is improving.  The green in the middle is the carrots.  We will pull them as we need them throughout the winter.   I have more garlic, but not for this bed.

It has been a very good day.