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The big storm – wind, rain, fire and straw

  The big storm that was supposed to happen last night, didn’t occur, so, this morning,  we practiced for tonight’s big wind and rain storm by building a nice fire which we enjoyed.  Our flashlights are ready and we have plenty of supplies to keep us from starving.  And since I knit and DH crochets, we even have entertainment.

img_5481aAfter lunch, we went after straw.   It makes a huge difference in how easy or difficult the garden is to plant in the spring.   We use organic straw and the co-op has had a difficult time getting it this year.  The farmers are tilling it back into the soil for water retention.

img_5482aSince it was raining so hard, we just unloaded it and shoved it down the stairs.  On a better weather day, we can distribute it.

By the time I got a new bid on some work we need on the house, it was time to feed the animals and put them safely in for the night.

The Pacific Northwest weather report is for wind and rain.  We pray that  you have a safe and restful Sabbath.