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How to “waste” a good sunny day


To “waste” a good sunny day, I started by walking my steps.   After breakfast, I put the frozen bananas in bags and into the freezer and then finished peeling and freezing the rest of the bananas.   Yea!, now all 160# of bananas are frozen.

Then I went to the gym for an hour of activity.   Made lunch and went next door to put as much of the garage contents as possible into my car to take to Goodwill.   I raced off for a doctor’s appointment and when I got settled into a room, the doctor looked at my chart and said, “Your vitamin D is high, but right at the top limit, so we should wait to recheck it during the winter”   Then he said “why are you here?”   And I said, “that’s a very good question.   I’m here because your office called and set this appointment.”    So he decided I need a cholesterol count and fasting sugar count  just to keep things current.   I agreed to do that, but since it has to be on an empty stomach, I can choose to do it on a rainy day.

Now to “waste” more good sunny day,  I went to Goodwill to give them all these treasures, many of which were Christmas items.   They had a nice long line of cars there and by the time, my car was unloaded, I was in afternoon traffic.

The sheep and dogs are fed and put in their night quarters and maybe I can spend some time in the sewing room this evening  I’d like to  start a table runner.     Oh, and through all of this, I did reach my step goal for today, so perhaps it wasn’t a total “waste”.