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Rain, rain, rain,


Fencing needs to go just to the left of this photo, beside those blackberries.   I had a man out this morning and we walked the upper pasture to see where fencing, gates, etc. will need to be put before putting dogs or sheep here.   We really don’t want to lose either.   He walked and measured and in a day or more, we will hear the price.   But it has to be done and we are no longer able to all the various jobs we need done.  So we do what we can and hire the rest.

img_5544This was the weather today, rain, rain, rain, rain, all day long.  (But that’s what keeps Washington state green)    It was very gray, so I spent time catching up on the last three day’s emails and a very small bit of knitting.


Later in the day,  we went to Lowe’s to get the wood for the dining room, kitchen, and laundry room of the rental.  Because of our often gray days, I like to keep everything in the house as light as possible.  So this is the wood we chose.