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A table runner, flies, and shopping

img_5453aA table runner is the next project.  This one will take a bit more time because I’m doing it between several non-quilting chores.








I have it cut out and have a dozen of each of these sewn together.

The fruit flies were so horrific this morning after all the canning, etc. that I bombed part of the house.  I hate doing this, but I also hate those flies in everything.   How did our grandmothers manage this and they not only had fruit flies, they had horse and every other type of fly to deal with in the summer.   The directions tell you to leave the house for 4 hours.   So what should I do while not in the house, why go shopping, of course, and I did.


I have a 2 young citrus trees to bring in for the winter, so needed to keep them up off the floor.  These were half price, so they came home with us.


And I was so inspired by my daughter’s shelving this weekend, that I decided I needed some shelves to hold my spinning supplies and some of my knitting supplies.   So 4 of these shelves (36″) also came home with me.    Lowe’s had only 2 on the shelf, so I asked for more.  They had them in the inventory, but can you believe, it took over an hour for them to locate them – high next to the ceiling – and then to find the lift thing and someone to bring it over and go up in it to bring those shelves down.   And look what I found OCTOBER 12, while I was waiting!


So much of the Christmas supplies are out.    We haven’t even had Halloween yet!