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Tomatoes, kale, and New lambs

img_5509Tomatoes are having a bit of confusion this year.   It often freezes around October 15, but look at all those new sprouts – they are volunteer tomatoes.   Of course, eventually, we will get a freeze and they will all go down, but what a strange time to be sprouting.


This is the kale we planted last spring.   It has been giving all summer and still going strong.   We have planted new kale, but I’ll show that after it has been thinned out some.  I’ve not kept up with the garden or much of anything lately like I would have liked to.    But we did get all the hazardous waste – paint, chemicals, etc. in the trunk of one car to get it to the proper place on Sunday.  We filled the trunk, so will be using the other car until it is emptied and aired out.

img_5513aThese are the “new lambs on the block”.   These brown ones, Zoe and Zola,  were born April 14 and have just arrived.  It’s fun to watch how quickly they realize they are in with other lambs and warm right up to each other and still they are closer to their siblings when they come together.


Here is another photo of all 5 of the ewe lambs so far.   3 more are expected next week.   Then we’ll sit tight for the winter and let them grow up.   The brother to the little black one on the left is in another pen with a ewe.    Just can’t take a chance.