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Outdoor work before the freezing weather


This afternoon was great for catching up on some of the outdoor work.   We should have had a good freeze by now, but none is predicted before the 28th.   This may be one year, I’m not too far behind, then again, if it rains all those days……….     I planted a huge number of carrots as I just don’t get them to grow.  In fact, I planted them in 3 different places and you can see they are growing quite well.   Beyond the carrots DH is helping me get the garlic in the ground.   We weeded and put about half of it in (80 so far).  Then the rain started.


While he was putting the cloves in the ground, I started on the raspberry pruning.  The plants are crowded and need to be moved so we have wider aisles, so I’m just doing some preliminary pruning.



The raspberries are still producing, but we have tired of them and have enough in the freezer for this year.


As you can see, the monitoring crew was right there watching our every move. They are never far away as there might be a bug or berry or some other morsel drop from our hands.