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Road trip to Portland, then back to bananas

img_5432aOur road trip started with threatening skies overhead.  We went to visit

img_5441aour daughter and grandson in the Portland area.   He will be a teenager this coming month.   It is amazing how much the younger generation knows about computers.   I have asked him to learn how to make a website so he can put one up for the sheep and fleeces I hope to have for sale in the spring.

We had a lovely visit and had 2 special events that evening.  First, we went to the church and watched slides from a trip a gentleman had recently made to Israel.    I had never noticed before how much rubble there is in the area from prior buildings.   He said that they try to put back the pieces that were original rather than use new materials.  His slides reminded me a lot of the trip we took to Turkey a few years ago.

Then we went home and DH really wanted to watch African Queen which we all enjoyed.

DH didn’t feel so well today so we skipped the art museum and I drove home in pouring rain.

img_5444aI peeled and sliced 100# of bananas when after we arrived home.   They are now in the freezer.   I will do the last 40# tomorrow.   It is wonderful to have them all ready frozen when we get the urge to blend them and add berries for a treat.   No it’s not “just like ice cream”, but it is a wonderful healthy substitute.


And this is the amount of knitting that I did on the trip.   That’s correct.   Only a sock cast on.   So that means I have a project for the rest of the month.   But it is really hard to knit and drive and I didn’t feel like knitting through the movie, so didn’t.   I hope some of you understand.  And I did not take a computer either.   It really was “get away from it all”.  The animals were excited to see us again as well.