Daily Archives: October 21, 2016




Mock Croc socks and a busy day


img_5516a Mock Croc socks – a Knit Picks pattern by Susan Lawrence, has been started.   Actually, they were cast on two weeks ago.   But life has been very busy around here and I haven’t worked on them much – just a row here and there.  No, they will not be done by the end of the month.   There are just too many projects calling my name.   I chose this pattern because  it looks like both the pattern and the changing colors will work well together and it won’t be another plain pattern which does get boring.

In addition to two rows today, there was a doctor’s appointment and then filling the car again for a run to the  dump.  We thought they closed at 5,  in fact it  is 4.30.   We were the last car in and I am so glad that stinky stuff doesn’t have to sit in the car until Sunday.  The “car” is an older station wagon that we keep as a “farm wagon”.   The poor thing hauls very thing from animals, to animal feed, to garbage and still maintains a good attitude.  When ” old faithful” finally gives up, it will have earned a celebration of life.   After that run, it will take the recycling to the recycle place.

  Have a blessed Sabbath and safe weekend.