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Surface clearing adventure

img_5468abEven after removing the spinning items, the surfaces in this room were still hidden.   Today, I decided, was the day to fix that.  Surfaces here are magnetic and it seems as fast as they get cleared, they attract something else.



As you know things get worse before they get better and they did indeed.   It was a good thing I had a chiropractic appointment about this time as I was feeling overwhelmed.


The appointment was an hour away, so we met up with Jen for a lunch at a vegan Thai place.   The only thing they have for lunch is a buffet.  I’d rather have simple food with out a lot of sauce, but the food was good.    Then it was the long drive back in heavy rain with very slow traffic.

img_5470aThis surface was cleared and the card table was eliminated.

img_5476aThis surface was nearly cleared, at least enough to put the spinning wheel and a few knitting supplies where I can easily use them.


And I moved the bookcase, which meant dumping everything out, sorting and putting it back in an orderly manner.  I tossed a few books, eliminated several catalogs.    I don’t know what happened, but it seems as if things multiplied as I was putting them away.  That could be because some of the books were on the table that I eliminated.   The bookcase is full once again.

Now I need to make up some of this wool and spin some more wool before I add anymore anything to this room.   All the sock yarn that was in here has been relocated to the closet.   And the very best thing is that I found the sheep registrations that have been missing for more than a year.








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  1. Sally Walter says:

    Yum! Thai food! I love Sweet and Spicy Thai Basil fried rice with lots of veggies. I had to stop at Montien in downtown Boston to get my fix. I settled for fried rice with scrambled eggs but no meat or tofu because we didn’t have time before flying out to have them make it up special without eggs. They used fresh Thai basil and had a brown rice option so I was glad I talked Al into letting me stop there.