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Beautiful, aren’t they?    Two nights ago, I had no resistance left and shouldn’t have been looking at a sale page, but I did and this is the sock yarn that arrived today – enough for 9 new pair of socks.  I am definitely doing the happy dance today.  And yes, this really qualifies as a “want” not a “need”.

Mary was over today – she only gets to come once in a great while anymore because she is babysitting her new grandson while her daughter works.   We had so much to catch up on as we knit and crocheted.  And would you believe these wonderful yarns came right after she left?

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  1. Sally Walter says:

    Beautiful! Enjoy! I love sock yarn, too! No more can enter this house. I have two pair of socks on needles because they are difficult patterns and I chose a challenging heel turn. Now, I must make an easy pattern to relearn the method so I can finish them. And then there are the two balls committed to scarves. One scarf requires a longer needle before I can finish it and the other is going to be frogged because the pattern is not to my liking. SIGH! But 49 dishcloths for the 4-H quilt camp volunteers fell off my needles in April so productivity is not an issue.

    • sharon says:

      49 dishcloths is marvelous. I’ll bet you could find a little hiding spot for another ball of yarn.

      • Sally Walter says:

        Ha! Don’t tempt me! I need to keep knitting up my stash of yarn into gifts for both family and those in need.

        • sharon says:

          OK, you will just need to knit faster and faster. Then you can buy some of the new yarns.

  2. jatshaw says:

    I see lots of sock knitting in your future! Pretty yarn, too.

    • sharon says:

      Ah, but that is only enough for 9 pair. And if I use the leftovers, maybe I can make it last a whole year. lol