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A Barn Door


I am so excited about getting this barn door.   It will make life  when I need to work with the sheep.   They won’t be able to escape their pen when trying to get one in.     We were going to put up a new small barn, but we would have had to ask for a variance and then it would have cost more money than we wanted to spend.    So after much thought, we have cleaned this old aviary out and had this door made.   We will put in 3 lambing stall across the back a gate across the outside sleeping area and I will be a very happy person.   And so will DH since it is so much less expensive.



These socks are finished.  I got a little carried away and went to far on the toes, but I’m not going to take them apart as it doesn’t bother me when they are on my foot.   So you can see in this photo, the two pair of short socks and one pair of regular socks from which I took the leftover to make this short pair.  (ok, the lights are bad today)

And did I mention we picked up enough fertilizer for the next two years.   The store had what we like to use and so often I can’t find it, that we just put in a supply.