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quilt labeling

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Labeled and gone


The label is on and the quilt is on its way to a new home.  I did something a bit differently this time.  Do you see where the pocket is just above her name?   I placed one of each fabric in that pocket, then sewed it shut.   It there is ever a tear or something needs replacing, there is a scrap of each of the fabrics in that pocket. And as usual, the quilt was washed and dried before sending off, because I would rather have problems show up before the quilt is gifted.

After shipping this quilt, we fertilized and watered both the big garden and the hoophouse, both of which seem to take a long time, but the weather was perfect for working outside.    We fertilize weekly and the new seedlings need lots of extra water, especially when the week promises to be hot.

We are already enjoying eating some of our produce.   For lunch we had a salad of Chinese cabbage and the other half will be used in stir fry.