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Mother’s day party


IMG_4501This was a very floral Mother’s day/birthday combo.   I loved the many beautiful flowers, not all of which are pictured here.  In addition to the bouquets here, there was a large aloe vera plant, a beautiful Hydranga, and a lovely Phlox plant.

IMG_4500Daughter Kati and husband Zach arranging flowers

IMG_0606The table setting

IMG_4502A table of cards and gifts

IMG_4506The cakes

IMG_4507A lovely hand made paperweight,

IMG_4509A plaque from one daughter

IMG_4454This plaque was designed and executed by another daughter.   There was a lovely gift certificate for JoAnn’s which will definitely be used.

IMG_0609Then I showed off the newest family members and we had wonderful afternoon weather to sit and visit on the back deck.    It was a wonderful day, thanks to all the participants.

I think I should have another birthday next month, after I have thoroughly savored this one.