Daily Archives: May 16, 2016

Bed, bath and Beyond trip

IMG_4568A threadbare sheet which has been replaced

IMG_4559with a set of this color (actual color is more champagne).   I do not like buying sheets, so until they give up, we keep using them.   When they give up, they get repurposed.

IMG_4567Why is it when one finishes off rooms, they just don’t get totally finished.   At least this happens at our house.   So today, we purchased switch covers for 3 rooms.  It really does make the rooms look better.   We were short these 2 screws, which we intend to pick up tomorrow.

IMG_4565This is a lamp my father made in the late 1930s.   Somehow, the finial was lost in moves


so today, that was replaced and it is once again a working lamp.

IMG_4561I like to wipe my feet right before getting into bed (maybe because there is always dust or sand or ??).   So I purchased a small rug to go on either side of the guest bed.

IMG_4560And a nice little waste basket to complete the basic furnishings of this room.

IMG_4564Then there was a little matter of towels and a rug for the bathroom.  Again I used blue.   Ewalda, I’m ready for you with your favorite color – blue.

No we did not get to everything on the list done.   We did retrieve the sewing machine and with my birthday coupon, I got 3 packages of needles, which I can always use.  The big garden was fertilized, but the greenhouse did not get my attention except to pick a large bowl of greens.   They are crisping now and tomorrow morning, I will clean them again.    Parsley, cantaloupe, and sweet Williams were put in the seed starting tray.

The chairs will be picked up Friday as we have to go over there for an eye exam, the alpacas are going back to the 4H area tomorrow, and  I will mop the entertainment room/kitchen floor.   I should have time to fertilize and water the hoop house. Then I have a dinner to put together and cleaning the kitchen after I make the food.  Mid afternoon, it is off to the airport to get my brother who will be visiting from Florida for 2 days.     However, sewing will have to wait until Wednesday, or Thursday or Friday, after he leaves.

Yes, we did Yoga this morning and walked my 10,000 daily steps as well.   So I should sleep well tonight.