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Day of gardening

IMG_4589The potatoes are now 3 feet tall and growing rapidly.  Some are starting to flower, both in here and in the hillside garden.


All the tomatoes are tied up and weeded, the ones that aren’t will be moved outside Sunday when we have some help.   One tomato plant was a gift, the others are all volunteers and some are flowering.  On the left is Chinese cabbage, kale beets, and lettuce.  In front and in the same bed as the tomatoes are a dozen sweet potato plants.  There are peppers in the back middle row and left row.    It is time to take most of the lettuce and out and replant.


IMG_4586In front are several zucchini plants, and there is cabbage and lettuce as well as started celery.  There is also cauliflower and broccoli near the back and 4 cucumbers.   I still have carrots, basil and cantaloupe to put in here.   It just takes time to get it all done.   We spent today mostly tying up tomatoes, fertilizing, and weeding.  My, those weeds are on steroids, they grow so rapidly


And when that was done, this was DH’s reward for his help (which of course was started right after lunch).