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Sock yarn leftovers

It was one of those crazy days where I don’t feel a lot was accomplished and yet it was.   There is just a lot more to do.  So let’s start with explaining about the socks.


In the photo at the left, you can see I loop the new yarn around the needle and knit it into the next stitch.


Then the next 5 or 6 stitches, I knit with both pieces of the new yarn.   When finished, I weave in the yarn that I dropped when changing yarns.   This is just my made up way to do it.   I don’t know how the professionals do it.

IMG_4553See where each loop is – there are three.  Those are places where I changed yarns.  I hope that makes it a bit clearer.


We spent the morning putting up curtains and taking many of the excess items out of the new guest room.   These are the fleeces that have been repackaged and are ready for me to make some decisions on what I will do with them.  At least they are sorted and in one pile instead of overflowing the closet and the corners.


And the drapes are now up and the shade is working.    Tomorrow, I will get the rugs and trash can.   I ran out of energy today.

IMG_4551I decided to hang this on the screen to cut the view of my very messy table that at times is used for potting plants and other times to trim quilts.


And this is the end of the hall.  Now, it looks a bit more like a home instead of just a basement.

IMG_4547I did get the binding cut for the circus quilt.   Now to find time to quilt it.

I wonder how people get their houses to stay clean.   We use the entire house and there are always areas that could use “spring cleaning”.   Tomorrow my list includes yoga, getting the rugs for the guest room and it’s bathroom, sheets for our bed, picking up my sewing machine from the “hospital”,  picking and cleaning maybe 6 gallons of greens, fertilizing the hoop house (DH will do the big garden) and watering, mopping the floors downstairs, cleaning the wall the dogs wiped their coats on last winter, and then do a tidy up job on the shelves in the bathroom and cleaning it.    I will ask DH to pick up the chairs that are at the chair “hospital”   And you know what, it won’t all get done, but it is on my list.   Maybe that’s why it seems I’m always playing “catch-up”.    Oh, and if/when all that is done, there is a circus quilt waiting to be quilted.