The circus is ready to start!


I can’t believe this is finished and ready to put in my charity pile.   That makes me so happy.

8 Responses

  1. Gari says:

    Is this quilt applique? And going to charity? I have young grandchildren and great grandchildren who would love it. Where would I find the pattern? Your quilt is terrific.

    • sharon says:

      Thank you. The quilt is applique with lots of pieces. I did machine applique which isn’t my favorite and I have no young ones in the family.
      It was a test quilt for “The Quilt magazine” an online publication. They are giving it free month by month, but you can get the past ones.

  2. AnnieO says:

    Wow, very cool! I love it.

  3. jatshaw says:

    Very cute! Love it!

  4. Lena says:

    Wow, it’s definitely lots of work, but the result is great! I’m sure it’ll make some kid happier.

    • sharon says:

      Thank you – I’m putting in my fire group, which means it will go somewhere they have lost everything in a fire. I think it will be a real comfort then.