Stash report and May day gift

IMG_4458 IMG_4457

The May day gift I received this morning was these two darling little ewe lambs.   They are so tiny, but then so is their mother, weighing about 50#   Dad weighs is a much larger sheep

I am so far behind my goals, but I’m going to blame it on surgeries – both foot and eye and now it’s gardening time.   It may be that I don’t catch up this year.   And if I don’t, that’s okay.   Without goals, I get nothing done.

Used this Week:                                16.00 yards

Used this Month (April)           30.00 yards

Used year to Date                             36.00 yards
Added this Week:                               0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:                          0.00 yards
Goal:                                                   300.00 yards

Yards to goal:                                   264.00 yards

New Yards to quilt goal:             264.00 yards
Net Used  2016                                  36.00 yards

6 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Would it be wrong to give you a birthday gift of s certificate to JoAnn’s!?

    • sharon says:

      Of course not. Gifts are always welcome.

      • sharon says:

        I think my numbers are helped by the fact that I have so much fabric and so much running around, I don’t shop. I would like a couple pieces of fabric, but have put it off with everything else going on. And I will soon be needing batting again, which is when I’ll probably enhance the stash with a bit more fabric as well.

  2. Valerie says:

    You’re ahead of me for the year! Yes, I know about surgery putting you behind. I’m trying to let it go and just have a “different” year.

  3. jatshaw says:

    Your new babies are adorable! Goals are good!

    • sharon says:

      They are so tiny and cute and mom is so tame, I’m having trouble pulling myself away from them.
      Want to come see?