Wine, whine? and socks


This was one of those days, I just didn’t feel like doing much of anything.   I felt as though there wasn’t enough of me to get all done that I want to get done.  First the walking takes at least 2 hours a day to get all my steps done.  I’m behind in email, quilting, knitting, etc.    Projects don’t turn out as good as I’d like,  I need to get some seedlings  transplanted and news seeds planted.   I did the walking, a few other things and just sat in the sun with the socks I was knitting.    They are now done up to the toe.  And tomorrow will be a better day!

2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    Aloha! It is raining here,so we are hoping for a better tomorrow also. Nice socks! Do you have a Fitbit?

    • sharon says:

      It’s raining because its March. Just to let you know, no rain in the forecast here until next Wednesday. And Hawaii rain is warm. Yes, I was given a Fitbit a year ago for Christmas and have gone from 3000 steps a day to many, many more.