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Knitting in the car


DH likes me to go with him when possible.   So today was a shopping day – meaning mostly we needed to get posts and such to put up the tomato T-posts.    We brought a load of 4 x 4s home which are sitting in my spot in the garage and went back and purchased 5 more (he insists we don’t need a truck).   From there, we needed shavings to put around the potatoes, because dirt will be too heavy for where they are.   I will have to get more tomorrow as my “truck” wouldn’t hold more and I need some for the chicken pen.   Anyway, from there, we went to get dog kibble and then the grocery store for lettuce and tomatoes.  I took along the socks I’ve been knitting for him and was able to stay in the car for all of this except the dog food and grocery store.    So, I was able to get about 5″ done today.   it would have been such a waste if I hadn’t had a project ready.   Well, not really, I would have grabbed yarn for another dishcloth.   But I was so happy to make so much headway on the socks today.

If all goes as planned, we will have help putting up the tomato “stakes” Sunday and then I can show them to you.