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Hoop house work

IMG_1706This is what greeted us in the hoop house this morning –  beds of weeds to get ready to plant.  I’ve neglected it for sewing and knitting.









So I hired a young man to make this tomato cage for us.  As you can see from the first photo, we need to move the box over 2 feet.   We’ve had the box in about 3 or 4 years, but hadn’t counted on the overhang.   It will totally shade the little box on the side if we leave it here.   So it will get moved in the next week and if I’m truly lucky, the water will be put in as well.


While he worked on that, we tackled the weeds.  This is the south side and we will add the pre plant and fertilizer tomorrow,  wet it down and plant it.   I am so anxious to get some lettuce, kale and other greens in here.  Last time I went to the grocery store, organic romaine lettuce was $4.00 a head and leaf lettuce was $3.00!   So I’m going to try to keep it growing year round.   I can, if I pay attention to planting times.  The beets, onions, and carrots can go in here now as well.   I just need to do succession planting so the foods are always available.

Oh, yes, I also need to remove weeds from the hillside garden to get the peas in.    Well, unless it rains this week – But then with a hoop house, it doesn’t rain, so we’ll see how much gets done before I promise more fiber time.