Daily Archives: March 12, 2015




Misconceptions and socks


What a lovely day.   I had the opportunity to sit on the deck and watch the waterfowl as I knitted for awhile today.

I have heard from a few of you that I get a lot done in a day.   You might think that, but what really happens is that I often do things over an extended time.   For instance, I could tell you that I canned 8 pints of salsa and 15 pints of split pea soup, which is all true.   What isn’t in that sentence is that I started simmering the tomatoes, celery and peppers (which were from the freezer) on Sunday.   By Wednesday they were simmered to a good thickness, so I pressure canned them, took them off the heat and let them set overnight.   Yesterday, we made a large pot of split pea soup, jarred it and last night, pressure canned 10 jars of it.   Again, I let it cool while I went to bed.   This morning, when I got up, I took the last 5 jars out of the refrigerator and canned them while I made breakfast and started walking.   They have to be under pressure for 45 minutes, so sometimes, I get my DH to watch pressure while I do something else.

The little dress that I posted last night was cut out at Christmas time and just finished late the night before I posted it.   These socks that I am making were cast on a week ago.   Each night before going to bed, I have knitted 2 rows minimum.   I have started crocheting a baby blanket which is a learning process for me.   I have started some Christmas gifts which are getting done a bit at a time.   They are cut out and yesterday were embroidered.   They will eventually get sewn.   So when I post something, remember, it could have been awhile in the making.   This is how it appears that I get so much done.    So please don’t be discouraged by what you are achieving.   We are looking through different glasses.   If you make a list of what you have done, you’ll be surprised at how much it is.

Having said that, there are times that I really push myself to get something finished by a certain time.   It’s just not usually the case.

And now back to this over packed, squished down, box of fabric that I must make into blocks and strips that will eventually warm someone.