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Scraps and a cat bed


For the cat bed(or small dog), I sewed enough scraps together to make a piece about 20 x 26.   If you have a cat carrier, you might want to measure to see what you want for a finished piece.


I then folded it in half so the length stayed about 20″.   This does not have to be perfect.   I then sewed across one end to make it square, and down one side.   Do not trim, because you will be filling it with scraps anyway.


I stuffed the pillow with scraps from the wastebasket that were too small to make usable pieces and then pinned the end shut.  You don’t want to over stuff as this is a bed.


I then zigzagged that end together.


 These are the two sides of the pillow which ended up about 18 x 12.   These are filled with scrap fabrics so will probably take too long to dry to be worth washing them.   When too dirty, we just toss them.


I had all my scraps cut into usable pieces and stacked in accordance to sizes\.   When I went to put them away, I found another small drawer full of uncut scraps, which I will cut up tonight so this will be all finished.    I’m not in any rush to use them, because it always seems like there is a need for these pieces, so now they are ready.