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Wednesday run around

IMG_1485A day of appointments and shopping.   First the doctor, then to retrieve my sewing machine, JoAnn’s (no luck on the half price Seahawk fabric), another doctor’s office to try to ask where to get the shoe inserts he wants me to use, Office depot for a good price they gave me on ink and finally the grocery store.IMG_1487

The nice thing about the grocery store is all the beautiful flowers I get to walk by on my way in.  It really reframes my mind until I start shopping.  With prices like these, you know why a garden is important.


So transplants and new starts will be first on tomorrow’s agenda.   Then of course, I’ll need to decide which recipes to make for the week.   The good thing is that I can do all this running around and that I can make the meals.   Life, though at times hectic, is good.