Take along knitting

IMG_1679This has been my take a long project this week.   The pattern would have shown up better if I had used a solid color.   However, this is usable and that’s the reason for making them.


Look how beautiful the hyacinths are!


 This is Beau, the Pyrenees, who thought he should have his photo taken instead of the flowers.   He is a wonderful dog, as long as he thinks we and the other creatures who live here are safe.   With him  here, the coyotes and other wild ones stay outside the fence.   And I doubt people we don’t know would come inside the fence either.


4 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    Hi Susan, your dog is gorgeous. I have a Great Pyrenees mix; but, he doesn’t look as massive as your dog.

    I have a question about the photos. I clicked on them to expand them and they do not keep the same orientation as they have on this page. Is that typical for photos? I can see Beau okay; but, his photo does go sideways when I click on it. The flowers and the knitted square both go upside down.

    • sharon says:

      That is a great question. I have the same problem at times with photos. I do take them straight up and then the camera turns them around, usually on the side, but sometimes upside down. It happens on others sites as well. So I don’t know whether it is the camera and if so, why after I adjust the photo, does it turn around when enlarged

      this dog is 115#. He’s a bit scary when he runs barking at a person, but he’s a real sweetie when I’m here.

  2. Judy S says:

    I agree dishcloths make perfect take-along projects. They are also good for trying new pattern stitches, IMHO. Your dog is a beauty! And so are the hyacinths. Happy Sunday!

    • sharon says:

      I haven’t tried new stitches with them. It seems there are so many patterns out there that I already want to try. But that is a great idea. Could try sock patterns first. And yes, I have a big plastic jar here that I keep all my left over sock yarn in. The problem sometimes is that if there is enough yarn left, I might make something else.