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Sad day and some quilting


It is a sad day when the above has to become the below.


 As a responsible animal owner, it is my task to take the best care of them that I can.   So they were humanely dispatched and were calm during the quick process.   Not only is it sad, but emotionally draining to have to do it. These 2 roosters were not well behaved and became dog food.  If more people had to take the life of an animal, there might be less meat consumed.  Or maybe if one grows up knowing this is how meat comes to the table, it might be different.


After I recovered from that, I moved on to quilting “On Grandpa’s Pond”   Tomorrow, I will clip threads, etc and try to get it bound.

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  1. Judy S says:

    That must have been tough! A while back I made a nice dinner of game hens and my then 4 year old grandson said, “I’m not eating that; you’re killing nature!” Yet he eats chicken nuggets, no problem. They just don’t resemble a chicken.