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Brown, brown and more brown

 This weekend, the yarn ordered for my husband’s socks arrived.   I am so unexcited.     So this morning I got in most of my walking, fixed breakfast, washed the clothes including the sheets, and moved furniture to clean under it.   Then I mopped two floors.   After all that, I went out to the hoop house to see how the little job with the plywood was progressing.   It wasn’t – it was on hold for ???  Since I’m such a great motivator “just let me do it, I’ll get it done”, I was dismissed to do something else.   He has the job done and tomorrow I can bring some hay up to put around the potatoes that are tall enough.  So back to the kitchen to make lunch, after which a rest was appropriate.


Does it sound like stalling.  Yes, I was.  However, these are things we do for people we love.  Somehow, brown and more brown without even a pattern in the socks just doesn’t excite me and there is enough yarn for 3 pair.  I think I might be finding a number of other “higher priority” things to do in between bouts of these socks.

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