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YEAH! and Happy New Year



Did you think I could really do it?   I was wondering for a while, but just kept pecking away.   Right now the table is clear – at least until the next project starts.


And this is the bonus.   The adjoining room is ready for me to set up my knitting machine and learn how to machine knit.   I’m excited to be able to have the space.   The couch is so Bill can come and join me in the studio or  for when I get tired.  I want to put more sheets across the back so when I’m working, I’m not distracted by thinking up other projects.

Tomorrow after my eye appointment, I plan to go through projects and write down each started one, each one that has the ingredients. and maybe recap what I finished this year.   Will you be joining me in list making?   I’d LOVE to see your list(s)