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Do you ever wish you could just order something and it would land on your doorstep immediately.    I do, but it never happens.   Consequently, I ended up at Office depot for our new wall calendar, at Joann’s for storage boxes, and the grocery store.   That took care of the morning.    


And since I knew you would be wondering if I made any headway, after lunch, I came right down to the studio and started.   I found projects I had totally forgotten about and a lot of fabric that had not been replaced after making the quilts.  Now the last part is done and I need to make a new list of projects.    I still have a few minor items to decide what to do with.  I’m thinking the ice cram bucket of old jewelry parts just may go to freecycle.  I don’t see any need for most of it.   And then again, I could stash it on a shelf – NO! that’s what got me in this situation to begin with.   It will have to go.


And see this box under the cutting table.   Those are all scraps that need to be cut into squares and rectangle to make other quilts.   (There are actually two boxes of scraps, but the second one has fabrics other than cotton)  And speaking of that, I should put on my list to make more scrap quilts       So tonight I’m going to bed feeling like I did get a bit done.   And tomorrow, I’ll try to find time to start my list of  “to do”s.   Maybe by New Year’s, I’ll even have time to make a list of what was achieved this year.   I know it doesn’t match last years list, because some things did get done, but others were added.