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Why, oh, why?

Remember these.   Well, I laid them to the side to finish – what was I thinking?


Why do I get a good share through a project and then lay it aside instead of  finish it?   Today, I finally finished putting in the elastic and the Velcro and the hand stitching on these clothes.   Yes, it takes awhile, but no longer than if I would have just finished them at the time of making them.    They are done!   I put in the elastic and did the hand sewing while on the phone with the Geeksquad and Carbonite – my two best buddies these days.

Geeksquad has my computer up and running and Carbonite knows where all my files hid, so they are being put back on my computer.    It has been a trying week, but the Sabbath rest is here.   God knew just what I would need and when.    He knows that about each of us and has it all planned.   I trust all of you will take advantage of the rest He gives.