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Dec gardening

The weather this week has gone from freezing temperatures up to a balmy 48 degrees today, which means that today and tomorrow while it is not raining, we had to go spread hay   I planted some garlic (still more to plant) and some sunchokes.  As you can see, we brought 8 bales of old hay up for mulching and will finish spreading it tomorrow.


The chickens did not want to be left out of this act, so as fast as we put the hay down, they scratched and made sure that no insects were left behind.   They really had a great time.


Here is Beau contentedly chewing a bone and keeping his eyes on things while we worked.


Kati & Zach park their boat here for the winter and they brought it today.   Then we went in and enjoyed popcorn and hot apple juice with spices.


We’re a bit tired but I feel good about the mulch.   We will finish spreading it tomorrow after Bill puts the rest of the bricks in place to keep the dirt from slipping down the hill.   Then the rains will take care of decomposing it and eventually it will nourish the soil.

It’s still early December and today felt like spring   But then I think the weather gets a bit mixed up in these parts.   February, it will without a doubt be very cold and windy.  Then we’ll get a long, cool spring. which is why it’s great to have a hoop house.  I can get a jump on summer, by planting in there and have many  plants ready to go outside when the weather finally cooperates.   Then there will be some plants which will stay in the house all summer.    Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any heat, so it does freeze when it freezes outside.