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DAB and socks

I’d like to share with you the daily audio Bible,  an easy way to learn more what the Bible says.   It is non denominational, free, and Brian (the voice) simply reads some from the Bible.   Each day includes some OT, some NT plus a Psalm and a bit from Proverbs.  At year’s end the entire Bible has been read.   I have found it very convenient to have on my iPhone or computer to listen to when I’m not sitting down.   For instance, I like to listen to it on the iPhone when doing my steps.   However, if I am in the sewing studio, it is on the computer for me to listen.     He’ll be starting at the beginning again January 1st.


These are the socks that don’t want to get done.  They are on a 1 needle and I just finished the heel turn, so they will be a carry over into next year, or maybe even set aside for a while.