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Oops and a baking day

I must apologize for no post yesterday.   We visited a friend who works with the Giving Tree and Rotary Club here.  She’s a lovely, giving person.     She told us that the Rotary club yesterday morning had 2000 children approved by CPS who were at the party from our city.   She was doing a giving tree in a small nearby town today where there would be 1000 children from 2 trailer parks, all approved by CPS as needing help.    I found this so depressing.  And I guess thinking of this huge need, I totally forgot that I was writing a blog.


This morning, we decided, we really needed at the least a pumpkin pie and some gluten-free bread.   So after breakfast, Bill and I got to work making these foods.   The bread turned out the best yet.


Then I made a new recipe for a Christmas breakfast cake.    Neither the pie or the cake were as sweet as I really like them, but then I am trying to re-educate my palate.   For whipped cream, I’ve been putting cashews and water in a high-speed blender.

We went to the store for a brief tour, or  rather to take Keri and get a couple of items.   Washing clothes and preparing and eating supper seemed to consume most of the rest of this good day.

Tonight I’m thinking of you and hoping that you had a great day without a lot of hassle, and that you have peace as you go through this week.