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Christmas music & block

We attended a beautiful Christmas music concert at church this morning.   There was a good variety of ages as well as songs, reminding us what we are celebrating with Christmas.

After lunch we sat inside and enjoyed the sun.  It is so warm coming through the windows and reminds us summer can’t be far away.   However, with dark coming about 4.15, we know it will still be awhile.  It’s only time to plan for summer.


I did get the last block of this BOM finished tonight and then looked at the instructions again.  There  are NO instructions for putting it together.   I’m on my own for that.  Usually the person who supplies the blocks has an ending in mind.   With this one, she chose a different artist each month to design a block using the same colors throughout.  Since I didn’t see this coming, I may make the easy way out and just assemble it with the remaining fabric.  I’ll give it some thought