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In-between week

This is the week that I usually spend putting everything away and getting ready to start the new year’s projects.  Since I started sewing for Christmas mid year, most of that material is put away.   Today, I was going to put the doll items away when I thought this would be a good time to go through all the shelves and clean out, sort and shuffle.   So that is exactly what I started  today.


This is that shelf.     The top has the light box, foam sheets, plastic canvas, picture frames and glue guns with sticks.  The next shelf has on the left some boxes of small wooden items, Christmas craft items and the rest of the shelf is paints, glues, brushes etc.   The third shelf has on the left 2 boxes and a basket of items I want to finish soon and the rest is sorted small items.   Eventually the beads will  go on this shelf.   The gray box on the next shelf has crinkled paper craft materials and patterns, some beads on strings, materials to make cards, a badge maker and a laminator  The bottom shelf is all ribbons plus an empty space for now.  (we all know that will fill up soon)    Behind some of these items there was enough room to keep things like a new tin of crayons,  an old iron that mom used before electric irons, some of her crafts that I’m not yet ready to throw out, but probably should.  So the shelves are full front to back


These beads still need to sorted, but I need to get another couple of boxes to sort them from JoAnn’s.   They will go on the third shelf and I will know where everything is and that it is all together.   I thought I had it that way, but when I went to find bells for the elf stockings, I found it was only mostly that way.   And things had strayed which needed to be put away.

Are you doing any special cleaning before January 1st?