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Blinds and a NA outfit.

We invited a salesman from Windowology to come out measure for a blind we need for our bedroom.   He came and installed it yesterday.   This was supposed to be a room darkening, medium price, nice looking blind.  The slats refused to even hang straight.  He removed it today.


We went out to get dog and people food today as well as go to a sale at JoAnn’s.   I only bought one thing which cost me less than $15.00.   I’ll try to remember to show her to you tomorrow.

We came home and ate leftovers and I started working on these doll clothes.   These outfits take hours—yes, hours.    I completed the work on the embroidery machine.  I still have the fringe to cut and the holes to punch on the left one.  Hopefully, tomorrow the dressed will get finished.    (They are on the work table.} IMG_0968

The red/orange handle thing is the awl that I use to poke the holes through which to pass the ribbon.