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A promise and new life

Today was a perfect day to be outside gardening here in the PNW.   The sun peaked now and then, the temperature was about 50 with no wind.    With all these daffodils and a few tulips to plant, it was time to get going.   So I worked a spot in front of our 3 rhododendron bushes which is also right next to the asphalt driveway.   It is a spot that only has color when the rhodies are in bloom.   This year the plan is to plant nastursuims as soon  as the soil is warm enough.


The railroad tie is about 8′ long and the dark spot is where I plant.   It was such heavy clay that I could only dig far enough down to barely cover the daffodil bulb   Yes I know they and the tulips according to the package are supposed to be 6″ deep.  But I didn’t have that much soil, so after I finished getting all 25 of the bulbs in the ground, we put a couple of bags of topsoil over the them.  I would really like a color spot there.

In looking for the shovel (which I ended up not using), I went down to where Bill was adding chips to the muddy area by the chicken coop.   When I called him, the little lost duck answered me.   It took a bit, but we were finally able to catch him and reunite him/her with the siblings.     What a relief!


It is only December and already these iris bulbs have started sending up shoots.  They have been in the cold ground, so I’m surprised they are in such a rush   It is fun to watch the new life arrive.  They must want spring as much as I do.