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Ducks and a promise of Spring

Remember the baby ducks, Huey, Dewey and Louie?

ducks at 2 weeks nov21 2014

We put them in the pasture last Sunday, thinking they would team up with the other ducks.   So I introduced them to the dogs, telling the dogs, “these are mama’s and I want you to take care of them” .    That could have gone a lot better if the ducks hadn’t decided to make a run for it as soon as the introduction was completed.    Running is fun and a game which Lacey still enjoys.   Even that might have ended quickly except the alpacas got in on the chasing game (have you ever seen anything so funny as an alpaca chasing a young duck) and suddenly the ducks were under cover in the bushes and I had no idea where they were.   Obviously they were scared and weren’t coming out just because I called.     I gave up, came back into the house and soon, there was one little duck at the back door.  I let him in, caught him and then took him out to the greenhouse   I also caught a bantam and put her out there with it so it wasn’t too lonely.     Since we had not seen any sign of them since the initial release, we sadly thought the coyotes would find them before we did.

Imagine our delighted surprise when the night before last, one of the wandering ducks showed up here near the front door   He allowed us to catch him and we put him with the other duck.  They are so happy to be back together.

This morning, the third duck was sighted, but ran before we could get it    Hopefully, soon it will hear the other two ducks and come up here.   What amazed me was that even though they were way down in the pasture, they knew the house was home and came here.




This morning we planted tulips and hyacinths –  some in the 3 planters on the back deck and some in pots.   I’m hoping this will work, but I haven’t tried it before.   When the plants in the pots peek out, I plan to bring them in the house to enjoy.  (I still have 100 daffodil bulbs to get in the ground during the next lull in the rain.)

The afternoon was spent shopping and fixing my quilting machine which somehow managed to get thread wrapped around an important wheel.   Yes, Liz, you warned me.   Thank you.


We ended our day with a light, delicious supper of strawberries and cashew cream, which was very satisfying..