Churn Dash

IMG_4104The quilt is sporting a few more blocks tonight.   Several were done and redone because when you aren’t up to par, neither is your brain.  Soon, though, all will be back to normal.

2 Responses

  1. jatshaw says:

    Nice! Sorry you’re feeling under the weather. It’s no wonder with all this rain! Take care, and get better soon.

    • sharon says:

      Thanks for caring. I usually slide right past all these viruses, but I THE COUGH did catch me. When I called the nurse, she informed me that it is lasting over a month. Drink, drink, drink. So I drank so much, I was nearly confined to the bathroom and it has been almost 2 weeks. I’m pretty much over it now, but if it hasn’t caught you, stay far away from anyone who has it. It isn’t the flu – but a very hard cough.